Jenifer Cutler, LCSW

jen-cutler-headshotBlending western psychology, eastern philosophy, neuroscience and the mind-body connection for a holistic approach to well-being.

In talking together, we will draw upon the wisdom of your mind and body to help you:

  • find relief from the pain of what you are experiencing
  • develop deeper self-awareness
  • find new ways of responding to stressors in the future
  • break through obstacles blocking you from a greater sense of joy and well-being in your life

I offer an open heart and an open mind in my work with clients.  My style is personable, collaborative, and interactive.  I strive to bring to the table a balance of frank honesty, sensitivity, and when appropriate, even a sense of humor.

Please contact me at 646-481-8298 to further discuss how I can be of help to you or to make an appointment.  I sincerely look forward to connecting with you!