About Jenifer

unnamed-10Ever since I was a little kid, I was fascinated by why we do what we do.  I preferred to sit on the side of the sandbox studying the other kids, rather than get in there and join them.  Over the years, this love and fascination never went away.  Today as a psychotherapist, I get to do what comes naturally, while helping people along the path of growing into the best versions of themselves.

I received my Masters Degree in clinical social work from Smith College School for Social Work and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in both California and New York.  Currently, I am in a year-long program, called Foundations of Well-Being, focusing on the science of positive neuroplasticity and practice of mindfulness.  I am also studying towards certification in a practice of meditative inquiry called iRest Yoga Nidra.  On top of my formal education, I offer aspects of these latter teachings in my work with clients to allow a more holistic approach to healing.

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked as a psychotherapist and social worker in private practice and a variety of community organizations.  Populations I’ve worked with before which have uniquely influenced my work today include:

  • Hospice patients and their families
  • The elderly and infirmed living in nursing homes
  • Holocaust survivors
  • Veterans
  • Children and adults with developmental disabilities
  • Incarcerated youth and adults
  • The Jewish community, LGBT community, and Poly community
  • “The Worried Well” or people with everyday concerns common to us all

Through all of my experience, one of the greatest truths that has come to light is the unrelenting drive we have as human beings to create meaning, alleviate suffering, and strive towards a more fulfilling life.  I look forward to being a source of help and guidance along your journey.