How Does Therapy Work?

Therapy is a process in which people generally seek professional expertise to explore what is troubling them.  As time goes by, people sometimes also continue on with a therapist to hold themselves accountable to the positive changes they are making as a result of therapy.  I view therapy as a collaborative process, meaning we will both actively work together to address the struggles you are facing.  I will honor the pace you wish to go at and offer insights or ideas (ie. to help identify your personal strengths, enhance problem-solving skills, develop improved coping mechanisms, realign expectations and priorities) to help you move towards lasting, positive change.

How is Therapy Different From Talking to a Friend?

Just like a friend, a therapist often becomes a trusted confidant.  However, in therapy, the relationship is kept professional and the focus gets to be exclusively about you.  Also, a therapist is trained to listen and respond in skillful ways, for example, to identify underlying thoughts or feelings that might be contributing to the problem at hand.  In contrast, friends even with the best of intentions might struggle with lack of understanding, sensitivity, honest or useful feedback, or respecting what you hope to keep private.

How Long Does Therapy Take?

A weekly therapy session typically lasts 50 minutes.  It is hard for a therapist to predict how many sessions are truly needed to help a client work through an issue because each person is different.  If you have an idea in mind of how many sessions you would like to aim for, we can tailor a plan to strive for that goal.  Otherwise, the process usually reaches a natural conclusion when a client’s issues are resolved.

Do Sessions Always Need to Be Done in Person?  What if I Travel or Care Giving Responsibilities Make it Hard for Me to Consistently Get to the Office?

I am able to provide Skype and Facetime sessions, when appropriate, if work, travel, or other obligations make it difficult for you to meet in person.

How Much Does Therapy Cost?

Fees are usually determined together by phone prior to your first appointment and rates can vary based on your personal circumstances.  As with many other qualified therapists, I have elected not to join insurance panels at this time to remain as free as possible from outside restrictions that may limit or interfere with our work and also to maintain your right to privacy.  It is helpful to verify your insurance plan’s coverage for services by out-of-network providers and the plan’s rates of reimbursement.  I can assist with this as needed.  If your health insurance carrier offers benefit coverage for you to see out-of-network providers (generally a PPO or POS plan), I am happy to supply you with a statement of services that you will be able to submit for reimbursement.   In the meantime, our agreed upon rate for payment is requested at time of service and acceptable via cash or check.