From Growing Up to Growing Old

Different stages of life bring exciting new opportunities, but we are living in an era with some unique challenges at each stage as well.  Young adults have more choices than ever in what to do for work, but with steep competition when starting off.  Middle adulthood is now sandwiched with the responsibility of caring for children while simultaneously caring for aging parents.  Seniors and their grandchildren are now facing a harder and harder gap to bridge due to ever-changing technology.

Other stage-of-life issues can include:

Young adults:

  • Choosing or starting college
  • First-time job search
  • Developing new friendships and relationships
  • Exploring sexual identity
  • Pressure to conform to norms outside of one’s own culture or comfort zone
  • Moving away from home
  • Negotiating with roommates
  • Independence vs need for ongoing parental support

Middle Adulthood:

  • Dating and commitment
  • Marriage, separation or divorce
  • Raising and disciplining children
  • Career development
  • Budgeting for a family
  • Purchasing “big ticket items” like a car or home
  • Finding balance between work, home life, and individual pursuits
  • Seeing to the needs of aging parents

Older Adults:family-515530_1280

  • Retirement
  • Newly discovered interests
  • Relocation
  • Travel
  • Health complications
  • Loss of loved ones, identity, or independence
  • Giving up driving
  • End-of-life issues

While the aforementioned are mostly normal parts of life, that doesn’t make them easy.  Change is hard, even when the change is positive.  Starting a family, for example, can be enormously rewarding, but is one of life’s biggest transitions.  Therapy can help by giving you a supportive, non-judgmental environment to explore your struggles – and triumphs – as you adjust to the changes you are going through.

How We Will Work Through It:

Our first step together will be to discuss the circumstances of what’s on your plate and identify your thoughts or feelings about it.  There can be multiple layers to consider.  By mindfully attuning to what’s coming up, we might find ourselves working on some underlying negative self-reflections, unrealistic assumptions or expectations, or the need for new coping strategies.

I want to take a moment here to mention that, while I am experienced in helping people through all stage of life, I offer unique expertise in working with the elderly.  I have years of professional experience in nursing homes, hospices, and clinics providing services for older adults.

I understand just how truly difficult this time of life can be for elders and their loved ones.  As independence is lost, a sense of hope and meaning can be too, causing withdrawal, depression, and isolation.  Health complications can cause great financial impact and caregiver strain.  I am able to provide resources, in addition to emotional support, for elders and their families.